Booth Selection Meeting
The 2018 Booth Selection Meeting will be held on September 21, 2017 at the Bella Center Copenhagen.


The Agenda will be very similar to previous meetings:

10.30 Get-together at the Bella Center Copenhagen
11.00 Meeting Room 5-6 , First Floor
         Congresss Introduction and Digital Services
12.00 Inspection of the Congress Spaces
12.45 Lunch @ TreeHouse, First Floor
13.30 Booth Selection @ Room 5-6
17.00 End of the Meeting


Please also note that Wonderful Copenhagen has organized a Get-together Event on September 20 at 16.00: a boat tour will show you some original parts of Copenhagen; a special dinner is set in a Beer Factory.

> Please register your company to attend the Booth Selection Meeting and/or the Get-together Event.

> Book your room
AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen
Center Boulevard 5
Copenhagen 2300 Denmark


> RANKING LIST 2017-2018



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