Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I hope that you will enjoy the programme prepared by the Scientific Committee for the 55th ERA-EDTA congress which will be held in Copenhagen on 24-27th May 2018.
Our aim is to provide you with an update on the most relevant topics in the field of nephrology with emphasis on recent results of both basic and clinical research.

The programme of the congress contains more than 40 symposia and more than 30 minilectures covering many important aspects of kidney disease from basic science to clinical nephrology, renal replacement therapy and transplantation with special attention being paid to diabetic kidney disease and interaction between nephrology and other branches of internal medicine, e.g. cardiology, or rheumatology, especially in terms of the recent progress in the treatment of kidney disease.

As in previous years, the ERA-EDTA programme is thematically organized in nine different tracks:

1) Fluids and electrolytes, tubular transport, renal physiology
2) Hereditary disorders, development, pregnancy, paediatric nephrology
3) Glomerular diseases and general clinical nephrology
4) CKD: pathophysiology, epidemiology, prevention, progression, aging
5) End stage renal disease, hemodialysis
6) Home therapies and peritoneal dialysis
7) Kidney transplantation and immunology
8) Hypertension, diabetes and vascular diseases
9) Acute kidney injury and intensive care nephrology

Important parts of the programme are the sessions dedicated to the recent clinical trials and observational studies with a special late abstract deadline. The main programme of the congress is preceded by the CME courses organized by the ERA-EDTA Working Groups (Immunonephrology WG, WGIKD, CKD-MBD, Descartes, Diabesity, European Renal Nutrition, EUDIAL, EURECA-m), by the ERA-EDTA endorsed working group EUTox and others. As usual, several symposia and educational courses are organized in collaboration with other European and international (not only renal) societies.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen in May 2018.

Vladimir Tesař
Chair, Scientific Committee